Fresno WALK to End Hydrocephalus 2019

Team Caroline

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Join me as I WALK to End Hydrocephalus! As you may know, my daughter Caroline was diagnosed with hydrocephalus 3 months after her 1st birthday. She started failing to meet her milestones and declining in health. I asked to see a genetics doctor to see why this was happening, not knowing what was in store for her future. A few days later I was called because her mri showed massive pressure in the brain & she needed surgery right away. I thought about not doing the surgery but after the surgeron explaing that it meant life or death my hands were tied, surgery was the only way to keep her living & part of our live. So as you may or may not know, Hydrocephalus is a life altering, life threatening condition, caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid, resulting in pressure on the brain. And because no doctor found it or diagnosed her sooner she is very delayed. She may never walk or sit up on her own. But everyday we pray that she may grow stronger & over come her struggles. But she is still as beautiful as ever. I wish there was a cure & not having to worry everyday if this is the day her shunt may have a malfunction. She has had 3 surgeries due to the shunt already and all three were within a year. A shunt, which has a 50% failure rate in children within the first two years. A shunt is not a cure! Many people don't know a shunt could fail at any moment. This is WHY I WALK and also why I need your support. Please donate and help me reach my goal. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will go far in helping us find a cure and improve the lives of people living with hydrocephalus.

Thank you!

Thank you!

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