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Donations Accepted until December 31, 2018

Make connections and unite with the local hydrocephalus community!


The 2018 Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus is in the books and has broken all site records! Congratulations to all of the hard-working volunteer leaders, the Team Captains, the participants, the hundreds of donors and the event day volunteers who made this year an incredible success.

But we're not ready to stop yet!  HA has some exciting new projects ready to be implemented, but they cannot be launched without the funding.

WALK fundraising will be open until the end of the year.* We know the greater Baltimore hydrocephalus community is extraordinary and we're eager to see how high we can reach...!

Please, ask friends, family, colleagues, everyone you've ever known, to support this event, one more time. One more opportunity to make Baltimore one of the top WALKS to End Hydrocephalus in the U.S. 

We can do it with your help.   

*To be eligible for recognition gifts WALK donations must be turned in by the end of October. 

Recognition Gifts

Participants raising $75 or more will receive the 2018 WALK to End Hydrocephalus CommemorativeT-shirt. Raise $250 or more and qualify for these additional HA gifts Help increase hydrocephalus awareness with one of these HA branded items!

2018 Recognition gifts

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For more information, contact:

David Brucker



Hydrocephalus Association

(888) 598-3789